International Day Against Homophobia

Hi, my name is Marco Ste-Marie, I communicated with you last spring, asking you to join Affirm United in the special worship regarding the International Day Against Homophobia in the month of May 2011. That event was successful and many congregations celebrated either on that day or on the  pride day in their respective towns.

This year will be the 10th anniversary of the International Day Against Homophobia. We are asking all Affirming Ministries to do a special worship this coming May 20th 2012.  We hope that more congregations will follow and other denominations will be encouraged to participate as well.

Start getting the word out in your congregation, church board, local LGBT groups, and other Christian denominations (even other faith groups).

It is a great opportunity to reaffirm your engagement in the LGBT cause and spread the word that God welcomes all. Homophobia is still present and the progress we have made is still fragile. Many teen suicides have been caused by bullying.

Let’s celebrate inclusivity together.

In Christ,
Marco Ste-Marie Affirm United/S’affirmer ensemble